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FROM 1974 to 2022

The Piruetti chain also includes Ballerina-Shop, the oldest ballet equipment shop in the country.

The Ballerina Shop was founded in 1963 by Eva Hemming, a dance artist, and her husband Leif Wager. The   Ballerina Shop offers costumes and slippers for satirical ballet as well as for professional dancers.

The shop was once located in Luotsinkatu in Helsinki. The Ballerina Shop is currently located in the same premises as Piruetti store  in Helsinki, at the Kukontori in the Forum. The Ballerina Shop has also expanded to Tampere and Turku.

The la Pirouette trademark is still used today on domestic sportswear made by Piruetti. The name is known throughout Finland      and even in the Nordic countries.

Throughout the decades, Piruetti has remained a local family business. Piruetti is currently owned by Susanna and Ari Etula.


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