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Materials we use

Piruetti has a long history of cooperation with high-quality and respected European sport fabric suppliers. We use only the best materials in our clothing. When sourcing fabrics, we prefer to use knitted fabrics that are well suited for sports and produced in the EU area with respect for the environment.

Our materials are manufactured in Europe’s most modern production facilities using water- and electricity-saving methods, with proper care for the chemicals used in production.

The materials that we use have been awarded numerous environmental labels, such as OEKO-TEX, PEF (Product environmental footprint), ISO 14001 Certificate.

In many materials we use different strengths for different products, to give the best support and flexibility for the product. Our clothes are handmade in Finland.



Meryl and Meryltec are used in our most popular trousers and are in a class of their own in terms of lightness and breathability.

Meryl doesn’t sweat, crease or wrinkle and it dries in no time. Meryl is a technical material and ideal for all sports, where lightness and flexibility are required.



We use two different thicknesses of micromeryl, both of which are flexible and breathable technical materials. Micromeryl is not susceptible for wrinkling.


The micromeryl we use in our tights is a snug, muscle-supporting material that have an excellent coverage.

Micromeryl in other products:

For tops and dresses, we use softer and slightly thinner micromeryl that follows the body beautifully. Micromeryl is available in a range of gorgeous shades, and we can make outfits for clubs and dance schools in their own colors.




The thicker thermolycra vuelta is slippery on the outside, but like thick fleece on the inside. Thermolycra is a very warm and flexible technical sport material. Despite its strength, the fabric is flexible and highly breathable.

All our thermolycra jackets are made in Vuelta. Vuelta clothes are ideal for winter sports.


The thinner thermolycra is smooth on the outside and fleece-like on the inside. Very flexible and soft thermolycra material retains heat well. The thinner thermolycra is also ideal as a thermal layer under outdoor clothing.

Because of its softness, the thinner thermolycra is more sensitive to wrinkling when rubbed than more slippery materials.




The heavy supplex we use in our tights is a snug, thick, breathable, and flexible technical sports material that keeps you dry and cool during use, drying much faster than cotton. Supplex is a warm material and is ideal for example skating. It is also very durable for gymnastics.

Supplex in other products:

Some basic shirts, dresses and overalls are also made from supplex. The light supplex we use in these products is a very flexible and soft material for a comfort-conscious wearer.




Microvelvet is a soft, fleece-like and a technical thermal material used in some jackets. Microvelvet has a brushed outer surface. The inner surface of the material is slippery and therefore does not adhere to the clothing underneath. The material has an excellent elasticity.



Wonderfully soft and thick soft college is definitely the right choice for you if you value not only comfort, but also ethics and quality in your sports wear.

The material is made in Finland and this knitwear is made from organically grown eco-cotton that has been awarded several environmental certificates.


              MERINO WOOL 100%

Stretchy, soft and sweetly warm, a luxurious merino wool material is made in Finland from 100% mulesing-free merino lambswool. DOMESTIC KNIT!



Highly stretchy and glossy lycra is a traditional material for ballet and gymnastics costumes.

One of the best things about Lycra is its durability and elasticity, and it is particularly popular for sportswear for younger children.





Our products are durable and long-lasting made from technical sport materials. However, to ensure the longevity of the product, we recommend using knee or tricot protectors in gymnastics.

We are not responsible for damage to the material caused by an external cause (e.g. rubbing, tipping, kneecapping, fabric snagging, etc.)

The fabric softener should not be used when washing sports materials containing elastane/lycra.

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