High-quality clubwear from Piruetti!



la Pirouette clothes have been awarded the Finnish Key Flag Symbol!


We are one of the few Finnish companies that design and manufacture our clothes in Finland, in our own sewing factory in Tampere.

We make our products from the best materials, using the latest technology in the industry.

When you buy high quality products and keep them for a long time, you are doing a great environmental deed in terms of clothing.

Piruetti is strongly Finnish! Our products are made from high quality materials and designed for long-term use. The right material will stretch, breathe, and support the athlete in the right way for the sport.



Piruetti has been an important part for Finnish gymnasts, skating and dancing already for 50 years. Our values include sustainability, domestic manufacturing and employing locals.


  1. Where do our fabrics come from?

We buy our fabrics from Finland, as well as from high quality factories in Europe. It is important that the production systems of the fabric manufacturers also take ethics and environmental matters into account.


  1. Is la Pirouette responsible?

la Pirouette clothes are designed, cut, and sewn in our own sewing factory. We do not use chemicals in our own production at any stage of the production process. It is important for us that the material can be recycled. We also make use of waste fabrics, and surplus fabric scraps are used to make things like hair scrunchies!


  1. You ask – We answer!

Are you concerned about any responsibility issue on our products? Send us your question by email: sales@piruetti.fi

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