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Cookies are small text files that are stored on the user’s device. They can be used, for example, to collect usage statistics and improve the user experience.

What we use cookies for
We store information about your login in a cookie. This cookie only contains information about your login and not, for example, your username and password. This way you can, for example, log in to our site and access your personal data, after which you can browse and add products to your shopping cart and proceed to purchase without re-entering your login details.

If login information were not stored in the cookie, you would have to re-enter your login information in the shopping cart and every time you navigated from one page to another in your personal information.
We store information about the products you have added to your shopping cart in a cookie so that we can display the products you have added in your shopping cart the next time you visit our site. This way you do not have to add products to your shopping basket again. Only the information about the products you have added to your shopping cart is stored in the cookie.
We also use the cookie to store the last products you viewed. The cookie only contains products that you have viewed on the product page.
We store the information about the display of the cookie notice in the cookie. Otherwise, this notice would appear at the bottom of the page on every page load.
To improve your user experience and collect statistics on usage, we use Google Analytics.

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