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We are Piruetti, a Finnish clothing brand with a focus in sports.

All gymnastics, skate, ballet, dance, cheer, yoga competition and exercise costumes and accessories would be found under the same roof.

Finnish manufacturing, expert service, high-quality product and an all-inclusive selection have been Piruetti’s trademark from the beginning – for almost 50 years.

It really matters what kind of materials a sports outfit is made of. When the material is right, it flexes, breathes, and supports exactly as the sport requires. Our own “la pirouette” brand outfits are made in Finland only from the best materials, following the latest technology in the industry. Our production facilities is located in Tampere, in connection with Piruetti’s head office. Piruetti stores are located in Helsinki, Tampere and Turku. Piruetti webshop ( is active 24/7 and plays significant role in Piruetti’s business, forming an increasingly important channel for serving. We work together with a lot with sports clubs, preparing them for club costumes. We have been a partner of the Finnish Gymnastics Association for many years. We manufacture products responsibly in Tampere! Pirouette has received the best AAA + credit rating for several years.


Our values ​​include responsibility, Finnish manufacturing, high quality and excellent customer service.


Sales abroad :

If you want to place orders as an individual, please contact If you want to place an order or ask for a quote request for a team or club, contact

Our online store will serve foreign customers during the spring of 2021 – development work is active. We will inform the exact date later this spring.



More history

The Pirouette chain also includes Ballerina-Shop, which is Finland’s oldest company specializing in ballet equipment. The store represents the largest international brands. In 1963, the Ballerina Shop was founded by dance artist Eva Hemming with her husband Leif Wager in 1963. The Ballerina Shop offers costumes and slippers for both fairy tale ballets and professional dancers. The store was once located on Luotsinkatu in Helsinki. The Ballerina Shop currently operates in the same premises as the Piruetti in Helsinki, at the Forum’s Kukontori. The Ballerina shop has also expanded to Tampere and Turku. The La pirouette brand is still used in Finnish sportswear made by Piruetti to this day. The name is known throughout Finland all the way to the Nordic countries. Pirouette has remained a local family business for all decades. Today, Piruetti is owned by Susanna and Ari Etula.

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